Iron Banner Day 6

After much wailing and nashing of teeth the Iron Banner is almost over. I brought my Hunter to level 3 and bought the gloves and brought the Warlock to level 4 and bought the gloves and boots. I gave into temptation and acquired the warlock bond even though the glimmer fund was all but depleted. Gotta have the bling above all else! Thank you to everyone who ran this with me, Sippin, Purdy, Rockin, Shoot, Silent, Usa, Kraig, Jackel, Jub, Primate, even Lala jumped in for a few rounds. There were a lot more than this so if I missed you, you can reply and diss me for it! I am going to miss it when it is over though, but if it ran one more day the wife would kick me out. She actually came downstairs with a pair of wire cutters last night and threatened to cut the wires if I didn’t go to bed.

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Should have used spell check

Good times, some times it was insane.

I got Timur’s Lash and this Ghetto Ass Hoopty ship - Steel Atreus - as drops. Brought the gauntlets. Ran out of glimmer. We had some really good clan groups at various times. Lots of fun and a nice break from the PVE grind.