Iron Banner, yes it is back.

A show of hands, is anyone interested in running this? I will run it every chance I get. With the holiday coming up I will be lucky to get one toon upgraded to buy armor. Invite/message or just join if you see me kicking a**, well, if you see me anyway. After the Trials it should be almost a relief to play.

I’m at the shore and game time is so limited. That is if I get any at all. So I’m out. Maybe next IB.

ill be on, hit me up If needed. My NFs are done. FYI, I heard the pulse rifle is shit.

I’m off until Monday starting the 2nd at noon. I’ll most likely be in IB, if you see me, hit me up.

GT: MTFU Cpl Larg

I’m doing this.
Can’t resist that sweet sweet Etheric Light.

PSN: Olz_3