LFG 8/15 9pm EST

What’s going on tonight? What are you playing?

I’ll be on ESO running Pledges sometime between 9-930est. Hit up GRG Voice Channel 1 if you’re interested!


use @ESOPlayers

I’ve been up since 230. I forgot.


I’ll be on some Lawbreakers on PS4. I know I’m the only one with it but figured I would throw it out there. The game is insanely fun even though I die a lot. It’s twitchy as all hell but still different enough from recent shooters to be fun.

PS4 Team Lead??



I am somewhat guiltily trying to push through my SP backlog.

Completed Horizon Zero Dawn a little while ago and moved onto FO4.

Mostly just pushing through the main story, since I figure I’ll want to replay with mods and explore the sidequests and stuff later anyway.
I’m sure I’ll burn out at some point, if I’ve managed to complete the main story by then I’ll be happy.


I’ll most likely be on Just Cause 3 or I might hop on for some Jason Antics with a few friends

@ESOPlayers get ready to group up. Running Pledges shortly. Head to your capital to pick yours up. If you’re under level 45, you can still run the dungeon

I am on Paladins if anyone wants to group up

Great great night of 3 man pledges on ESO. @ezekielJP pulled out his new tank, which was phenomenal, And @Capnsadiq And I laid down some fire. We managed to complete 1 number 2 Pledge but couldn’t make it through the 2nd. We had an epic boss fight in this video


But had to give up on the 2nd pledge about 90% of the way through. That was some good button mashing action, And I’m impressed we did as well as we did. Great night, gentlemen

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I wish I could hit those ESO nights. Been a bit since I ran one. Had the RepaerCast tonight.

I’m hoping next time.

We’ve been light on people lately, but the pledges have been a lot of fun. A good change and challenge.

We probably should update the guild MOTD a few days out. There are a few guys playing but mostly at random times

They could always read the forums. But yeah, I keep forgetting to change the message