LFG 9/19 Destiny 2

Stuck at 267. Anyone up for the Nightfall? Reset today so we can run whatever.

I’ll be on Destiny 2 (PS4) from about 8PM Eastern for a couple of hours tonight.


I’m in the same boat. I’ll be on after 6 cst.

Wife is heading out a bout 7:30 East so I will be on after that.

I have a ball game at :clock630: so, depending on how it goes I may be on by 9 for a bit to do whatever.

I’d like to get the Nightfall out of the way.

Or fuck it, start the raid.

I’ll be down for whatever. Probably be on starting around 7. I’m down to give the NF a shot. I’m at 275.

If the kids soccer doesn’t go too late, I’ll be on ESO for @ESOPlayers

I’m hopping on around 9ish CST for the glorious 245 to 260 grind. Probably too low to do anything other than public events.

Invite for mindless grinding

I will be on around 7 central working on grinding through milestones to get powerful drops

I am on atm…playing crucible matches, but willing to jump into nightfall if a spot is open.

I should be on about 10EDT,would love to run Nightfall if people are on.

Apologies all, I passed out around 7PM Eastern and woke up 5 hours later feeling groggy.
Had only intended to lie down for a bit…