Logitech G600 Mouse 50% off

Logitech has the G600 MMO gaming mouse on sale for $40 today. This is a great mouse if you’re into any MMO. I have this and prefer it over the Naga. Warning, it is huge.


Really. that good huh. always thought the naga could be a bit bigger.

My Naga didn’t come with tilt wheel (I think they do now), this mouse does. I can’t go back, that’s a must have feature. Also the buttons are concaved so it’s easier to find the correct ones.

I did disable the right (third) button. I kept clicking it with the way I hold the mouse.

What do you use the tilt for?

Mostly browsing. back and forth between pages.

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Sane here

Not just that mouse, there is a lot of Logitech gear. Other Mice and some pretty good headsets.

Example: $90 off wireless 7.1.


Damn. Should have taken that mouse deal. one of the buttons on my naga just died.

that sucks. Stop spamming 1!

Lol. It was the weapon switch button i have