Looking for COD mates & BR friends

Hey guys. So I’m not new but kind of new because I’ve lurked for a long time. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone is interested in joining up with me sometimes in COD, Warzone, COD Mobile, etc.

A little background though, I’m deaf, and don’t hear very well, but can communicate fairly well. Zero speech impairment, just can’t always hear perfectly

I don’t do well in FPS games because of that. Lack of sound positioning makes it hard to tell directional cues and hear footsteps, etc. I only use 1 hearing aid so to me it sounds like everything is to my right!

Looking for some gaming buddies to shoot people with. I’m not bad but I’m not great but I just want to enjoy games and notch a few wins. Seems if I can roll with some people on the regular we can get into a groove instead of relying on other people that don’t stick to teamwork or communicate over voice chat or use marker systems. It’s frustrating. I’m good at video games but playing FPS games is a struggle solo. I don’t have a lot of friends (any, really) that game too so call me a closet gamer lol.

Activision ID: xSHIFTxNASTYx
Battle.net ID: xSHIFTNASTYx#1375


Plenty of people play cod so you should be able to find plenty to join in on no problem. Definitely give community night a go, be prepared for chaos though lol

Majority of our cod players are on xbox so if you can open the Xbox app on your pc. Its in Windows by default. Let us know your gamer tag in that and we will get you into parties.

Xbox party chat is way better then game chat. Don’t think you need live but not completely sure.

We have folks playing warzone nightly.

Warzone is what I want to get better at by playing with teams that work together. How are people grouping up? In the regiment or just through Discord/Xbox app?

I’ll have to check on that app, never used it. Don’t have an Xbox anymore.

We do have a regiment. @beers_and_leafs will hook you up with an invite.

Yeah I messaged him last night. Said he’ll hook me up tonight.


Welcome, we usually have 16 to 20 players on Wednesday night. Spam the friends request!