Looking for ESO Veteran Dungeon runs


I’m looking for people capable of running some Veteran dungeons. I’m looking to re-gear my Magicka Sorcerer and I need a few dungeon pieces. My sorc is geared towards DPS.

I’m mainly looking for some Shroud of the Lich gear and I need to runs Crypt of Hearts 1&2.

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Need to find out if we can fill all positions. We need a tank, healer and an extra dps.

I have a CP 230+ healer that can also push decent DPS when geared right.

Also have a cp 260 healer. Wolf is probably better geared and speced than me though.

I have Sorc Tank w zero DPS, but can take a beating.

Crypt o hearts is the one where the dude sucks everybody into the center and there’s some way supposed to roll dodge but I always get 1 shot by the mechanic. So you can take that dungeon and shove it.

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But I need my Shroud of Lich gear! Supposed to make magicka sorcs OP.

Fucking sweet deal.

The weekly Cyrodiil vendor has the Legendary Lich Rings for sale this week. 500,000 Alliance points each. Finally got to burn some AP and I picked up 2. Be careful, they are bound on the character you purchase them. I almost bought them on a different character. Thankfully you can bank AP and transfer.

Other good thing is I got the Domihaus shoulders in Epic the other night. I’m not sure on the trait, I’m pretty sure they are impen but I could be wrong. If not I think I can change them (you can change traits, right?).

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can change gear trait via transmutation.


Ran my first vet last night on Arx Cornium… wasnt bad although we didn’t invoke the scroll either. Had a 750 and 500+ too, no heals but a good tank. We were all able to sustain for most of the dungeon. Got cocky at the boss and 3 of us died but we didn’t wipe.

I’m liking my build for dps sorc currently just need my monster helm.

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What helm are you looking for?

The build calls for Nerien’eth… crypt of hearts 2

Also looking for Zaan and llambris

I need Shroud of Lich from Crypt of hearts.

I’ve heard crypt of hearts is a bitch but I think we can do it

@ixL0N3W0LFxi did you level your tank?

And who is healing? I should level my Templar at some point.

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@ezekielJP has a healer I believe

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Sorry I just saw this…yes I have a dedicated healer.

@Lala_Calamari My tank is Lvl 47 -> going on CP 220 (once I hit 50)
And i have some half way decent armor squired away.
I was able to tough it through Flakreath at 46, so I have high hopes.

You don’t really wanna be wearing lvl 46 at cp220…