Me, my forge, and i

I spent about two months scheming to put this together (with a little bit of redneck grisle and spit) it woeks like a charm love it. I mainly do knives because it’s too small of a firepit but it is a fun weekend hobby.


Lol. Love the air mattress pump for the air.

I tried a hand pump (also for air mattress) and then I found that bad boy at Wal-Mart for 10 bucks and I couldn’t resist

Any knives yet?

This is something my son has been begging to do. He wants to build knives. The problem is neither of us has a clue what we are doing. I would love to see some knives you have built and some pictures of your building process of the forge.

I made my forge for under 50 bucks it was pretty easy too especially since I work at a scrap yard that’s where I got most of my materials for it

this is one knife I made but I’m working on another kinda similar but with more of a curve on it

Nice. I can barely sharpen a knife.

It’s pretty easy I do a three step sharpening with a whetstone a fine grit sharpener and then finish it up with a letter belt