Microsoft Announces New Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundles

If you enjoyed what you experienced with Battlefield 1’s recent beta, and you also happen to be eager to give an Xbox One S a new and warm home, then the newly announced Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundles are going to right up your street with three different bundles offering some pretty impressive hardware and content. Not only will you be wondering where the hours have disappeared to after taking part in up 64-player matches, but you will be fighting the good fight in style with 4K video streaming, High Dynamic Range support and plenty more courtesy of the new Xbox.

The Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle comes with a digital copy of Battlefield 1, one month of EA Access and a 500GB hard drive. This bundle will hit Europe on October 13th, and then land in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand on October 21st. Bundles purchased from GameStop will include a physical copy of the game instead of a digital one. Pre-order this bundle for $299 or your regional equivalent.

Gamers in the US can also pre-order the Storm Grey Special Edition of the 500GB bundle. This comes with a storm grey coloured Xbox One S console, an Xbox Wireless Controller, plus all of the content included in the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 bundle. The Storm Grey Special Edition will be available on November 1st exclusively at Microsoft Stores and Wal-Mart for $299.

For the all out fans of the upcoming game and console who want nothing but the best and who also happen to reside in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe, the Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Special Edition Bundle is going to be the one for you. This bundle comes with a military green console also with a matching stand and controller. You’ll also receive a digital version of the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition of Battlefield 1, the “Hellfighter Pack”, “Red Baron Pack”, “Lawrence of Arabia Pack”, a new visual appearance of the Behemoths, five Battlepacks and one month of EA Access all for a price of $349, or your regional equivalent. Europe can unbox this beauty on October 13th while the rest of the above mentioned regions will have to wait until October 18th.

Take a look at this video showcasing the game in action as well as the special bundles in all their glory, just in case you’re on the fence about pre-ordering one of the above offerings:

Battlefield 1 releases on the Xbox One on October 21st.

I would like that Storm Grey edition.