Microsoft Shows Off The Xbox One Elite Controller

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced
that they have been working on a new controller for the Xbox One, the
Elite Wireless Controller. During the announcement video, they showed us
what we can expect from the new controller, remappable buttons, trigger
stops, paddles and more, but now they have come out to detail just what
all this means, and what exactly went into making this the best
controller possible.

The Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller is currently available for pre-order
and is expected to be available in October this year, but be prepared
for a dent in your wallet, as it comes with a price tag of $149.99.

Did they upgrade the internals? I already have one XB1 controller that drifts up (need to return to BB under warranty).

Too bad it will never be wife approved. I can’t even sneak it in, the kids would be all over it. She’d catch on. Damn women.

I think that’s more of a XBox software update issue than a hardware issue with the controller. While researching my controller issues on there seems to be a lot of people having the issue. They think it’s because the wifi signal and updated code. MS even has a survey you can take to help them troubleshoot the issue.

You don’t have to tell the wife that of course. She only needs to know the new controller will fix that problem.

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The controller looks nice, and I like the modular aspect and paddles… but I just can’t see myself spending $150 on a console controller. Hell, I even have to wait for a $30-40 sale for the DS4 before I buy that.

I can 100 percent tell you I will be buying one of these if only to compare it with my skuf.


That’s not untrue but technically it will be the first excessive controller I will have to pay for.

I am a little worried about having magnetic parts on the controller , This could be knocked off and lost , Which will lead to having to buy either new parts or buying a new controller .

Hawk is just worried about throwing the controller across the room, when he gets blown to shit in World of Tanks.


I thought about getting a Scuf in the past and didn’t do it. This controller looks really nice and I like the paddle setup. I’ll more than likely take the plunge. I imagine there will be aftermarket parts kits and probably some 3rd party offerings in the event that you misplace any of the magnetic / removable pieces. At least I hope so for the price tag attached.

Never , ever threw a controller , damn things cost to much .

I think you are funny… You must have me confused with someone else because I do not ever recall rage quitting in a game . I just quit when I see you in a HALO game because you sit back and only snipe people .

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Hi res pics

$150!?! eff that. They cost as much as those Scuf controllers.

Yeah, but Scuf has other XB1 controllers going for around $100 ~ $120.

So? Is that going to really make a difference?

I really hope the zero wear thing is for real. I’ve had many 360 controllers misbehave. Its always with the sticks, characters moving by themselves and buttons being non-responisve. Right now my XB1 controller’s left d-pad button doesn’t work well.