Modern Warfare and Warzone Update: Pistols Nerfed

Infinity Ward has released a new in-game update for Modern Warfare and Warzone on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The update has brought changes to the .357 Snake shot, amongst other fixes.

Here’s the update notes:

General Fixes:

  • Tuning all smoke challenges to be a bit more forgiving. This includes the challenge to unlock the Bruen MK9
  • Fix to help prevent vehicle exploits
  • Various exploit fixes, including Ground War Infected
  • GameBattles: Fix for a few issues where players might not be able to join a new match
  • Reduced fire delay on the Lightweight and Match Grade trigger attachments on all .357 calibers
  • .357 Snake Shot damage rebalance
  • Fixed a bug where the damage on the .357 Snake Shot was too high at longer distances

Players have been complaining about how overpowered the akimbo .357 snake shots were in both MP and Warzone, and many players were using this OP setup in game. Infinity Ward has now made some adjustments, so let’s hope it is tuned better in the overall game.

This sucked out loud. I just went to HC, poached Shipment matches (back when it was shoot the ship). Popped smoked and laid the hammer down. Sure, most was TKs but I’d get my 3 eventually.

Not all pistols, just the akimbo snake shot .357.

still can’t fix the lag, hacks and Gulag issue. By the time they do fix this shit show, people will move on, if a lot have not already.
last night was close to the final nail for me, and I think for a couple from GRG that were playing with me.
Stop worrying about guns and the speed of the trucks and crap like that, and fix the lag, make it so Xbox can turn off cross-play and get rid of the Gulag, better ways to get back into the game.

Warzone is a shit show. Lag and connection issues can be so painful.

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