Monday Night Halo

Tired of the Division grind? Looking to take a break? Join Grex in a night of Halo. There is new DLC out and should be a good reprieve from grinding the DZ.



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I should be on around 9pm EST.

If you have been interested in joining in on our Halo fun, today is the last day of the Xbox sale where it is $38.99.

I’ll be on as well. Looking forward to some Halo, haven’t played it in a few weeks.

Halo sounds good to me.

Good games last night. (except for the roflstomps at the end.) We saw quite a few new maps on BTB. Not sure what that was about, did they release the community maps early?

I’m looking forward to the Firefight Warzone. I wonder if we can set a private lobby up for one? Or take a full GRG team into Match Making and join a server.

That should be a great game mode. They just keep making Halo better.

No matter how much I try I just can’t seem to get into Halo games anymore, not since Halo 2 & 3. :neutral_face:

So sad. PJ. So Sad.