Monday Night Titan Drops [XB1]

Join @grex on Monday Nights 9pm EST for Titanfall 2 Lobbies. Lets drop titans on each other cause you know that is the only way we are going to get any kills.


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There’s no way to make it a different night? I record my podcast on Monday nights, can’t make that time.

hmmm. the other night i could drive would be Friday.

I personally save Wed for BF. unless someone else can run another night.

My very first match I dropped a titan on an enemy pilot. I remember the first game it took me forever to do that. I believe it was an achievement the first go around

No reason we can’t have it on another night as well. Pick a night and run with it.

I dropped an event for this Friday as well.

Awesome! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Bump to remind GRG that Sexy Grexy will be hosting this event tonight. @TitanfallPlayers

Not meaning to speak for Grex but Halo interest has died down a bit but I am sure Halo nights will be coming back.

yeah for now. Halo is being swapped for TF right now. It may make a return in the future.

Damn !!! Monday nights are not good for me . Warehouse gets the store orders from weekend sells which turns Monday night , at work , Crazytown .Can play on some nights during the week and ALL Saturday nights .

If you have a night you want to play @anon17026160 I am still interested in playing Halo. Just so many new games and not enough time.

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Looking forward to tonight. Ive only played campaign so far.

Fuck. Im gonna have to miss tonight. Got a call that my grandfather went into the emergemcy room. He hasnt been doing well the last few weeks. Heart issues, copd related. Ill let you all know whats up.

Hope all is well Gatsu

Good Games last night had enough to run some customs 8v8 pretty much all night. To many people to name so i am calling out the group. @TitanfallPlayers

Sorry I had to miss Titanfall night, guys. I’ve been sick as a fucking dog since Friday, and I was just spent last night.

Sucks I work Monday nights or I’d definately be joining in.

good games indeed.
i managed to piss off just about everyone not on my team with that shotgun. :joy:

Apologies for missing last night. Ill be on friday for sure.

My grandfather is doing better. His oxygen level got too low and he passed out. They kept him overnight but are letting him come home today.

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