Monday Night Titanfall - 2/27

Join @grex on Monday Nights 9pm EST for Titanfall 2 Lobbies. Lets drop titans on each other cause you know that is the only way we are going to get any kills.


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I think this was supposed to be 2/27 not 3/27 - either way I will be on bringing shame to my faction with sub-par performances (as per usual).

Yes it is. I fucked up.


From this evening’s festivities

Oh, you almost had me!

Nice Video. I keep trying to make this event but Mondays are a busy evening for a couple more weeks then I should be able to join. How late are you all on usually?

Usually until 1030 or 11 central or 1130/12 GRG Standard Time.

ok I could get on after work and still catch ya thanks