Monster Hunter: World Mega Thread

We encourage any member to do this type of thing. The only real requirement is that if a GRG admin or staff member is playing the game they get admin access to the Clan/Squad in case something happens to you or you decided to stop playing, leave GRG, etc. Other than that run with it. Any admin can get you the logo. You can PM me when you are ready for it if you would like.


There has got to be squad officers so I am sure there is a way to get it sorted. Even if it means I relinquish admin status and end up being an Ass Admiral or Butt Captain. Next question is who will be the HMFIC?

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Preordered Today. Xbox One.

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PS4 reviews but Monster Hunter has a solid 91 on Metacritic right now.

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I preordered for PS4

GrimReaperGamers Squad is created on Xbox One. You will have to be in the same session as me so I can invite you. Who is interested in joining? Squad can hold 50 players. You can belong to up to 8 Squads. Can’t upload GRG logo. Or I couldn’t figure out how to do it. You will need to complete your first quest to get access to the Gathering Hub where the Squad Counter is located. I will be on Friday so either drop a reply in here, message me on Xbox Live (gamertag YggBjorn), or PM me.


will be on soon…2-3 hrs

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Got the game and went through the first mission.

Game looks pretty good on the Xbox One. There were some graphical options that were grayed out for me and said you needed a One X for them. I am guessing it will even better on the One X.

First Impression

The game plays really nice. Good character Customization ability that shows in all the cutscenes.

I will get some better screenshots when I get a chance to get back online.

Movement is pretty good although i am not sure about the camera angle. there are options to mess with that so will need to play with it. Combat is fun, it is combo centric so will need to learn. Also you have the ability to play with all the weapons right from the get go, then you can choose which one you want to spend your time upgrading.

Odd Note: One weird thing is that the NPCs don’t always say everything that is listed in the subtitles. They kinda go mute at random times. Like the voice acting is incomplete.


This happens in Persona 5 all the time.
I find it quite annoying.
Changes between:

  • them saying something (short) that differs from the subtitle
  • them saying nothing, but the subtitles show plenty
  • them saying everything, word-for-word to match the subtitles

Just think of the old dubbed orient movies lol

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Just saw that under “audio”…there is a “Monster Hunter Language” …lol


I’ve got One X and chose the “prioritize framerate” option. The game is buttery smooth. Wish I knew how many FPS it is pushing. At least 60 however I bet it might be more. Loading times are short. I don’t get much of an opportunity to cycle through the tips and advise displayed on loading screens. I usually can’t even cycle it to the 2nd tip.
Crafting interface is decent. You can setup Auto-crafting that appears to automatically create the potion or whatever as soon as you have the ingredients collected. Good way to keep those health potions stocked up in the field. Weapons and armor must be created and upgrade in the Workshop at the Smithy’s counter. Will be back on in about an hour.

LOL…Played some tonight with @Nanookbjorn. The definite wtf moment tonight was when he somehow ended up on the back of a dino…beating its head in with a hammer…I was rocking a bowgun, however was too amazed to take a screen shot or video of it happening.

I did a little bit of the crafting of armor and weapons…and some companion gear. Nice to see differ abilities and cosmetics. Apparently you can craft items as well. All in all it was fun.

Right now I think the best part of the party/co-op/multiplayer for me…was the ability to hang back as a DPS while @Nanookbjorn kinda kept aggro for the most part. We also learned that you can break ‘resources’ off the dinos/monsters.

Looking forward to future parties. OH…so 4 people can party up…but in the Open World/Session…there cut be upto 16 players on a map.

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Sign me up if our paths cross.

Heads up to all Monster Hunters, the monsters scale from single player to multiplayer, but do not scale with the number in your party right now. So, a two player group is facing the same monster strength as a four player group.


I think I’m going to pick this up for PS4. I haven’t played the earlier games in the series, but it looks good. Any other PS4 players getting this?

@EnyoBellona and I learned how to setup and respond to quests and expeditions. The methods and interface are are a little clunky but once you know what to expect things work well. There are four quest types: ASSIGNMENTS, OPTIONAL, INVESTIGATIONS, and EVENTS. ASSIGNMENTS are missions given to you by story line. Players won’t be able to join your party until after all the cutscenes. However once the assignment is complete it goes into the OPTIONAL grouping where it can be repeated over and over and has no cut scenes so you and your party can jump right in. INVESTIGATIONS must be chosen while talking to the Resource Center. Investigations might have stipulations or requirements such as hunt 1 Great Jagar in 30 minutes or hunt 1 Great Jaguar and 1 Kulu-Ya-Ku in 50 minutes but you are limited to a party of two max. The Resource Center also has bounties available to choose from. The Resource Center is a good source of Armor Spheres you will need to level up your armor for better stats. EVENTS are temporary quests. The starter event is “Chew The Fat” you must hunt 2 Great Jagars within 50 minutes. The pay is good. It will be available until Feb 1st and is repeatable.

At the moment there are no Squad officers or any sort of additional Squad leadership. There is the Leader and there are members. Only the Leader can invite more members. I think if the Leader (creator) leaves the Squad it also disbands the Squad. Right now there is only @EnyoBellona and I in the Squad. There are no perceivable exp benefits to playing with squad mates. I think the squads are just a way to link up with friends. You can belong to 8 and they are capped at 50 players. I belong to 3 right now. GrimReaperGamers, Section 8, and EXODUS COALITION. I am the Leader of Section 8 and will use that to collect the decent random players I encounter in matchmaking or SOS calls. I will be farming monsters most of the day, might try to plunder the loot from the beta noobs on Seas of Thieves today as well.

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Jumping back on this morning…there is a benefit to the squad.

When you start a gaming session…you can choose to Squad Session…if a member is already on…it will be put you into that session.

If no one from the squad is on…it will create a squad session, and then anyone that jumps on after you…and selects squad session, will be joined into the session you created.


With the SOS flares needing a patch…here is how you can get into expos together.

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I have it on PS4 and @TwistedGunsmith has it also

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I haven’t gotten far in it I just got to the rotten vale