NBA 2K14 servers shut down, is this starting a new trend?

So i read this story on polygon. And basically it makes your game useless… and the game isnt even that old!!! Some people play the older games because of mechanics, and when you can keep updating Rosters, there is no huge need to buy it every year… well looks like 2K found out a way to stop that. They shut down the servers for a game that Launched with the new consoles, not even 2 years ago. You can still play offline but thats not why you play the game. AND they told ppl online saves wouldnt be affected. it’s bullshit.

Here is a section of the story:
When the shutdown was announced at the end of February, NBA 2K gamers mindful of those troubles wondered if this would render their save files useless. A 2K Sports representative told Polygon that the files would be converted for offline use, even if they would no longer accrue Virtual Currency, which also is being retired on NBA 2K14.

“Online files will not disappear, but rather they will turn to offline saves and earn skill points as opposed to VC,” 2K Sports said at the time.

Not so. According to a form response 2K Support has been sending users, which one provided to Polygon, these save files also are being “retired.”

“This means that if you had created a MyCareer or a MyGM online save file that was once connected to our servers it too sadly has retired and is no longer available for use and it would be necessary to re-create these files as offline saves,” 2K Support says.

They go on to say:

Sadly this may come as an inconvenience to some of you and if so we truly do understand and can feel for how upsetting this may seem as there always is a special bond that occurs between a player and their MyCareer save but all good things must come to an end and rest assured your MyCareer or MyGM went out while on top!

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3-4 years suure. But people still play games like NHL '94… not many… but they do. so with all this cloud saving and online servers… just seems like its heading in a bad direction.

And people (nobody here, but at a former haven for older gamers) gave me shit when I said this always on crap would be bad for consumers…

The worst part about this is that they promised that online saves would become offline saves, and not only didn’t deliver on it, but they gave their customers some smart assed PR comment to boot.