Need some furniture input

Alright, need some input. I’ve got this corner and want to do some time of shelving. I like the one with the seat, but because of the mantle I don’t have much space on the one side. So I don’t think I could make it work (unless someone has some clever ideas). The other one would work, but I wonder if it’d look goofy with that mantle. It sticks out 5”, plan calls for 12” shelves, but I could dial back that side so it’s not that big of a difference. Anyone have any thoughts?


What are the two dimensions along the wall?

It’s about 40” left to the window trim (not sure I want to go all the way to it) and just under 21 to the mantle.

Low level DIY.
I’m assuming that you don’t have a @Gunny level workshop.
Buy a 24" round table top from Lowes, quarter it and you have 4 corner shelves.
Optionally, find a section of tree trunk with at live edge about the same diameter.

Alternatively, Put a 5" deep shelf on the short wall, and then a 12" deep shelf on the longer wall, repeat as high as you want.

It’s a really awkward space, unless you need the shelves for your games, dvds, hummel dolls, or fleshlight collection a 5" shelf is really small.

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I made a precise replica to visualize… lol


Probably not Gunny’s level no, but it’s not terrible. It’s not a very well used space as it is - probably use it for decorations up high, then lower will probably be for some kid toys (2 year old). I was thinking an 8” shelf on the side, give it a little more room and stand out from the mantle.

In that case, I’d recommend a bench with storage underneath. I wouldn’t recommend a lift up seat if you are going to store the little ones toys in there. Lots of smashed fingers and crying down that road.

Yeah we have a bench towards the front with some cubes that pull out right now. Our thinking is having it in sight, but out of reach so she can ask for things and not have everything down at once making a disaster zone out of the living room

Beautiful work, all done.
I’ll close the thread.