Hello as all the others I’m new here. I’ve been gaming since 56k modems and BBS’s and mostly into PC FPS games. Also into Ark and Atlas lately because it’s pirates…pirates. Thank you and hopefully will be playing with you guys


Welcome aboard this ship of insanity! We hope you will enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the community.

Welcome to GRG!


You have a Steam account?
Share here and we can get you added to the Steam community and you can add GRG members to your FL.

We also have a Discord server (should be links all over this site to it), where we sometimes hang out.

Welcome aboard.

Welce to GRG. Lots of nice people in the community.

We got quite a few Ark and Atlas fans here. Welcome to GRG!

welcome to GRG

What systems do you own and what is your gamertag?

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