Neverwinter GRG Guild

We need to get something setup so we can get the guild going. It requires 5 people to be grouped and on the same map. We also think it requires 5 level 15 toons. If you have a level 15 toon and are not listed chime in. When is a good time for everyone?

List of current Level 15…


Here is a list of who I think is playing or at least tried it out…


the rest…


I should be on a plenty until Wed. Then I am away for a week and a half.

I will be on later today. Have to do the family easter thing. Other than that, just text me and I can get on.

I will be on after lunch. I have to go to the grandparents but it shouldn’t be long.

I won’t be on until tonight.

I tried it and was debating about keeping it on my hard drive. But damn it, if we have a bunch of folks who’re playing it, maybe I won’t.

Anyway, feel free to add me :smile:

Almost a 5. Damn there is a ton of shit to a toon

I’m almost 10.

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Started it today, almost a 7.

I will be on tonight but it probably won’t be on until after 7. Otherwise any night after 5 will be good for me.

I am sure that I will be on tonight as well. I am level 15 or above at this point.

I like it on the x1. I didn’t play it on the PC but it’s nice to be able to sit on the couch and relax while playing a MMO. Takes a few minutes to get used to the buttons and how to access everything but once you do it’s easy.

It’s a nice game. We’re having fun with it for the time being. Neverwinter isn’t a top notch MMO but it’s a good start for an XB1 MMO.

My only real bitch about the game is the Cash Shop. I understood there was one but I’ll be damned if this game doesn’t remind you about it every 30 seconds. What’s worse is just how pricey it all is. I figure I’ll dick around with this game for a bit, maybe drop a few bucks. But I’m really waiting to see how The Elder Scrolls Online turns out.

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I’ll be downloading it and trying it out. I got to level 42 on PC, but I can’t transfer any of it.

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Just downloaded it. Gonna give it a whirl.

I haven’t seen anything in the cash shop that makes it P2W. They just have stuff there that you really need. For example your 3rd bag has to be purchased with Zen (around $10 real money). You can play a ton and earn astral diamonds and trade them for Zen. So it is possible to do it with out putting a dime in.

If SWTOR came to Xbox a lot of us would be all over it. We had lots of fun with that for awhile.

I’d straight up pay the subscription for it as well.

We finally have a guild! :smile:

Surprised it took this long to gather 5 level 15s.