New (Daily?) Crucible - offers 10 Legendary Marks

Just noticed that on the map it is showing a second Crucible playlist (as well as the Daily Crucible).

Currently shows as Zone Control mode (slightly different to Control) and has reward listed as 10 Legendary Marks.
Have run it once and our team won the match (may be important) which nettted the marks.
Running again since it still shows the reward (another 10 marks).

Results below.

Played 5 matches.
3 wins, received 10 marks each time.

First game, win, received 10 Legendary Marks
Second game, loss, no reward
Third game, loss, no reward
Fourth game, win, received 10 Legendary Marks
Fifth game, win, received 10 Legendary Marks

That was it.
Third win clinched it, now no rewards offered.

Nice. Thanks for the info.

You have to win the match to earn the points. I did it with randoms and it took 3 games to get the win. Which is fine, I like Control.

Aye. 3 non consecutive wins before the rewards are removed.

Not had a chance to look today to see if it is there / offers rewards again.

It was only ten minutes before that I had been looking through the Crucible playlists and noticed that to score points in Control you have to get kills, gaining more points for kills relative to the number of zones you control.

Versus Zone Control which is just steady trickle of points per zone controlled…

You always got points for Kills in Control. It’s just TDM with Modifiers. Zone Control is new for TTK and is just standard Domination.

Yeah sorry, I meant, I only realised yesterday how the scoring worked in Control.

I presumed it always worked how Zone Control actually works.