New Destiny 2 Black Armory Raid Beat in 8 Minutes

Raids in Destiny 2 are seen as the pinnacle content for players to tackle. With the launch of the Black Armory DLC, players were tasked with taking down a growing Fallen presence deep within the City walls to ensure that Black Armory tech did not end up in the wrong hands. The World’s First race for Scourge of the Past took around two hours to beat, but now a fireteam of players has managed to beat the raid in a surprisingly low time.

Scourge of the Past is a mechanic-heavy raid and requires teams to be well-versed in the mechanics and have great communication for the raid to run smoothly. There are four main sections in Scourge of the Past: the Berserker fight, the tunnel race, Insurrection Prime phase one, and Insurrection Prime phase two. Any one of these encounters could take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the team. However, watching this particular team run Scourge of the Past almost makes it look trivial. This run was completed by popular Destiny 2 YouTuber and streamer Gladd and other members of Clan Redeem. Thanks to expert knowledge of the raid and great teamwork, this fireteam managed to clear the raid in just over eight minutes.

Gladd and Clan Redeem are very prominent in the Destiny 2 community. Recently, Gladd and his fireteam were the first to complete the Niobe Labs puzzle thanks to some cooperation with the Destiny Raid Secrets subreddit. Clan Redeem also managed to snag World’s First in the Last Wish raid, which was introduced in the Forsaken expansion. Needless to say, this group of guardians make waves in the community and it seems that speedrunning raids is their current project.

Melting bosses in Destiny 2 can be tricky, as there are a lot of buffs and debuffs that players have at their disposal but only some abilities stack with others. While some bosses can be easily dispatched in seconds, bosses like Insurrection Prime require a little more finesse to take down quickly. Perhaps Clan Redeem, or other Destiny 2 speedrunners, will find the optimal strategy to clear Scourge of the Past even faster in the near future.

so 8 minutes and 3 seconds for good players = 5 + hours for typical GRG right?

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You were there last week…3 hours just on the last battle right?