New here

Hey everyone!

I just got accepted. I am looking to meet new people and play some games. Looking for ESO players right now to rank up and play with. Send me invites at DLO601 and my discord is DLO601 as well.


Welcome aboard.

Get him added @ESOPlayers

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Welcome to GRG! We’ll get you added to the eso group and guild!

Welcome, which platform(s) are you on?
If you add your gamertags to your profile that’ll make it easier for everyone to add you!

Playing anything else other than ESO?

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Nice. Looking forword to it

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Welcome to the community

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Welcome! The @ESOPlayers will be excited fo the new blood.

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Welcome, be sure to hook up with @ixL0N3W0LFxi he lives in ESO

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Welcome to GRG!

What is your XBox Live name? I can’t seem to find DLO601

Can someone send me a invite to discord? Its DLO 601. There is one space in it. I also have a skull with a top hat on my picture as well.

I cant find that person on xbox .


The fourth and eighth characters are zeroes, that might help.

I’ll be on in a couple of hours

found you. I still cant figure out how to get on the Discord group and the ESO group so we can all text.

That’s not me, it’s another member of our community though.
His forum name matches his Xbox handle.

Lala posted a link to our Discord server in this thread, you just click on that link (it’s open to anyone).

The others were asking what your Xbox platform handle was, so they could add you to the ESO group.
Though, I guessed you might be on PC, rather than Xbox?

No i am on Xbox. its DLO 601. It has a space in it. That link for some reason say its expired.

click the chat bubble looking icon at the top of the page and see if that gets you in…

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i tried that. it says it has expired or i dont have permission to join. Anything else i need to click? Sorry about all the issues.