New PC Gamer - Coop Partners wanted!


29 year old gamer who’s been playing since Sonic 2 on Sega Genesis. Now I’m mostly a PC player, although I do own a Wii U that mostly collects dust. I have a complete Blizzard library and a large Steam library, but my #1 game for the past year has been PUBG. In the recent past I’ve played a lot of Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. I play mostly weekday evenings.

P.S. Anyone interested in co-op steam games? Divinity Original Sin 2, BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Gauntlet, SpeedRunners, Laser League, Magicka? Happy to try/purchase new Steam games as well.



Welcome Nick!

I will add you on Steam (aka, try to figure out which name Steam will say is yours in the search).
It’s never your first 3 guesses.

PUBG still draws in players on PC, though some moved over to Xbox when it came out there.
@CaptainPeeJ certainly doesn’t stop talking about it, he (or others with better memories) can put you onto the other PUBG PC players.

We’ll get you an invite for the Steam community too, makes it easier to add people that way.

Welcome to GRG. Hoping to get back to some PUBG soon. I will look for you on steam.

I think Krakos (steam handle) is playing PUBG now

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to GRG, Nick!!

I’ve been playing PUBG since launch. Still love it. I’ll be back from a business trip next week and looking to play. Hit me up on steam.

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Welcome to the asylum.

I have been playing a lot of PUBG with @CaptainPeeJ on PC. See you on plane.

I am out next week on vaca but will be back and starving for Chicken Dinner

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Welcome aboard Nick!

Welcome to GRG!

Welcome to the community…i absolutely love co-op games. Lets compare games and see what we can come up with…adding you on steam now.

Steam Tag: GhstWlkrs
XB1: GhstWlkrs

I’ll add you on steam. We have about 6 guys that play PUBG on and off on PC.

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