New Tech Series Controllers Coming for Xbox

Microsoft continues to add to the variety of Xbox One controllers on offer, and the next one will be the first in a new “Tech Series” of gamepads, the company announced today.

The controller, named the Recon Tech Special Edition, is inspired by “military technology and performance patterns,” according to Microsoft. The body of the controller is dark gray, with a matte finish and a laser-etched texture and gold-colored accents like military insignia. The horns of the controller feature a rubberized grip with a diamond pattern.

This Tech Series gamepad is the latest design of the Xbox One wireless controller, a model that Microsoft debuted at E3 last year alongside the Xbox One S. This iteration includes Bluetooth support, allowing for wireless gaming on a PC without a USB dongle. The same applies to controllers from the Xbox Design Lab, which are customizable — although it’s not possible to reproduce all the details of the gamepads Microsoft sells, like thumbstick accents — and start at $79.99.

Microsoft will release the Recon controller worldwide on April 25. The gamepad will cost $69.99, the same as all of the “special edition” Xbox One controllers.

They need to adapt the Elite D-Pad and trigger stops in all their controllers. Or at the very least update the Elite Controller to the current tech of new XBox controllers. I wouldn’t mind getting something like this but I can’t really go without those 2 features.

I am hoping for an updated Elite with the Scorpio, hoping.

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They really aren’t changing much except the aesthetics on the controllers lately. Some background improvements and perks here and there and this one reminds me of the ugly Matcats controllers. The above comments have it right. Integrate the Elite options into new controllers and improve the design and feel of the current Elite. The Elite hasn’t been touched with the exception of the overpriced Gears version, and that was just looks as well. It’s time for an upgrade.

Especially with how shitty the bumpers are on the Elite. No hinges or proper springs.

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I’m waiting for mine to bite it. ESO is pretty rough on the paddles so we’ll see how long it lasts.

I love my Elite… I mean, like almost in an unhealthy way. It’s changed my game so much…


I do as well. Which is why I was devastated when my bumper broke. I cried a little bit.

Thankfully I fixed it and it looks bad ass now.