New Xbox controllers

So Xbox Support updated the xbox controllers and added this little gem about controllers that come out after June 2015. Looks like new controllers to be announced at E3.

Does this mean we don’t need the adapter anymore and hopefully better audio features? Lets hope so.

Neo Gaf post leaking the info.

Xbox support page with the updated info

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Like the idea, but at the same time I JUST ante’d up for the augmented adapter from TB so I’ll be damned if I don’t use the thing!

hm, would be interesting to release a new controller just to change the audio jack, i think that would be a first…

nope take that back, remember the original xbox had that huge controller, then the S version later on.

I don’t run thru controllers like some do. I just got a second one for my daughter so I’m good for right now. I really, and I think it’s the entire Xbox community, would like to see a better interface for chat and parties. It’s archaic and clunky compared to the 360

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the whole dashboard is clunky, even using voice controls… just to look at the friends list and who’s playing is way to complicated.


They said they will release an adaptor so you can connect the new controller to PCs.