New Xbox update introduces a simpler guide and adds more game collection filters

The May 2020 Xbox update will begin to become available starting from today. It adds a new and simplified layout for the guide with a reduced number of tabs, a new “Community experience”, more collection filters, and an improvement for the Mixer dashboard.

The announcement explains that after testing new layouts with Xbox Insiders, the Guide has now been improved with “structural changes” and “subtle visual details”. The number of tabs has been reduced and the default tab order is now left-to-right. Notifications now come under “Alerts”, while “Friend Suggestions” are under “Find someone”, and “Parties & Chats” incorporates “Party, messaging and invites into a single location”. You can sign in and access settings or help under “Profile & System”, which can itself be found by tabbing to your GamerPic. If you don’t like your tab order, you’re now able to change it by heading to “Customise guide tabs” under “Profile & System”.

The community page now consists of four channels: “Shared by friends”, “Official posts from games”, “Club activity”, and “Popular on Xbox Live”. Meanwhile, you can now filter your game library with the new “Genre” and “Player Count” filters. Lastly, the update lets you see “live thumbnails” of broadcasts on your Mixer dashboard as you scroll through.

“Thank you to all Xbox Insiders who have actively helped us to shape the Xbox experience”, the announcement concludes. “These May Xbox One updates are possible due to the valuable feedback we receive as part of the program”. There’ll be “more announcements in the coming months”, and we’ll be sure to bring you all the details when those arrive.