NewBro ready to Game!

Sup GRG…Thanks for the acceptance. I am 31 years old and still undecided on what gaming to do :smile:. I have been looking for a Social/Casual Gaming Group for awhile now. I have been with a few game speific groups and it just never worked out due to the hardcore nature of the group requirements with one game and my work schedule. And lets be honest for a second…what gamer isnt a little ADD…

I currently am gaming on a Xbox One and PC via Steam. I do also own a PS4 and WII U but the PS4 is mostly used by my daughter and wife while my Wii U…well it just kinda sits on my computer desk in a corner…but hey its there if needed.

My favorite type of gameplay is co-op/group oriented …so either the FPS or survival based games play mostly into that.

Xbox Tag: GhstWlkrs
Steam: Enyo Bellona

Till Next Time,


Welcome to GRG, Enyo! I’ll send off a FR shortly. We’re going to have members playing all the major releases this fall, so you’ll have no problem finding someone to game with.

Welcome to the Community. I’ve added you to my friends list.

XBox GT - Lala Calamari

Welcome to the clan . Xbox gametag is HAWKLANDER and over the next few weeks I’ll be bouncing all of the console playing the new releases that are coming out .

Welcome to our community! PSN:Daklown4life if you ever decide to game on PS4 hit me up!

Welcome! TexasReaperCrew on XB1


Welcome to the community. No pressure here so you should fit right in.

Welcome. A lot of gamer ADD in this place.

FR Sent. XB1 GT = Grex

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Welcome friend request sent.

welcome to the party pal!!!

PSN if you ever decide to jump on: Audible__Silence

Actually while you mention it…the ReaperCast is part of what brought me to GRG!


That’s awesome, man. Alot of work goes into it, and those of us that have been on have had a blast doing it!


Welcome to the fold! XB1 GT: TheGrayBush00

See, people do silly things when they`re drunk.

Welcome though.

GT beers and leafs

Welcome to the clan

Welcome to GRG. X1: The Body Farmer

Welcome! I’ve added you.

welcome FR sent