Noob here

Newbie here. I like playing shooters, sports, strategy, and simulation games. Mostly play multiplayer on the Xbox. I have a gaming rig, but where it is setup in our current house, it has to be on WiFi, so I usually only play single player games on that. Also have a PS4, but since I have a XBox gold account, I dont want to shell out the extra money for another subscription service. I am currently playing COD MW alot online. If you have an XBox, hit me up at gr8Manhattan. Look forward to gaming with you guys.


Welcome to the club man modern warfare is pretty hot on the xbox side of things. Hope you enjoy the company

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Welcome to the community and as twisted said MW is getting a lot of attention in Grg right now so feel free to join any party going in we dont mind the intrusions

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Welcome to GRG.

I saw your club request, but I’m a prick and didn’t accept it because I didn’t know the name. I’ll add you tonight.

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Xbox side is busy getting involved with CoD, you’ll do great there.

I like my sim and strat games on PC, Football Manager and Total War are my favourites.
I play FPS on console though (PS4 mostly).

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Welcome to the community.

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welcome sounds like you will be a great fit here

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Welcome to GRG

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Can you approve my request to join the xbox club?

Welcome to GRG!

I have added you to my Friends List and shot you an invite to the GRG XBOx club.

XBox GT: Lala Calamari

Pro-Tip (and only the tip) Just hop into our CoD parties if you see any of us online. We will get you in game. Do not be shy at all.