Not a fan of the Dark Zone...

Seems to just be a place for overpowered assholes to prey on people with less awesome gear and steal their shit. And to me the controls don’t really lend itself well to PVP.

Thankfully I haven’t had anything ridiculously awesome stolen. Just a couple of shitty purples. But If I had of lost a gold weapon that I’d spent a lot of time farming for…I don’t even want to think about it. Murder. Death. Kill.

I may be alone in thinking this way, but maybe have a different PVP arena quartered off and have actual PVP style matches & game types. Or instead of dropping your loot when you die in the DZ…just have the player drop some random loot like any other enemy would. So that way even if you die…all that hard work won’t get lost just because some asshole decided to pick you off. I dunno.

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I don’t mind the idea of just dropping random loot like a NPC does. I have only been in there for a few hours and fortunately have not run into any problems yet. But I think I mentioned on the cast, it would be quite depressing if I had all this good stuff and then it was just gone.

Gatsu is playing on PC I belive. I know the PC side has issues with hackers.

I dislike the DZ for other reasons. I wish their was more PVP. Everytime I have been there nothing fun happens. Kill some NPC, extract the loot rinse and repeat. Didn’t play at all this weekend because I am bored already. Loot doesn’t drive me at all.

This game would be so much better if they would have done DayZ type open world PVP where you are always watching your back.

I think the DZ is the best part of the game. But, there are a couple things that might be interfering with your fun that you have to look out for.

  1. There is an regen bug with a mask that keeps regening a person at all times. It has to do with a mask with rehabilitated and then blinding yourself. You can still kill this person, you just have to team shoot him. They will look like they are glowing green at all times without a heal going off.

  2. If it looks like there is 8 people that seem to be fighting and going rouge, but only killing you they are probably in a glitched party. Where you can get 8 ppl into a party.

  3. Be careful about safehouses. Rogues love to camp safehouse doors as there is a load in period where they can just crap on you for a few seconds, and 1 person from your team usually gets melted, or your whole team ends up on fire.

Hope this helps

Do the group rogues usually hang out in the lower tier DZ areas?

Yes kfk. The southern part of the DZ has more rogues than the northern part. The enemies up north are too high powered for most to risk getting caught in a firefight with them and other agents.

If we have a group of 4 going in it is usually ok. We have run into groups that are level 60 plus and they wiped us out but they didn’t get anything. Just a**holes. We get messed with a lot more if there are only two of us. I don’t even try alone.

Giving up already? :poop::roll_eyes:

I would like to see some PVP modes introduced into he game. I think it would add more value to the PVP experience. Something like TDM, or a search and destroy type mode, perhaps domination.

I’m on PC and Xbox. I’m not a competitive type player. I prefer coop over multiplayer any day. I just don’t like losing progress or loot because of some random asshole. That’s just me though. Others dig it and that’s cool. Just not my bag of chips.

As for not losing golds. Had a friend lose a gold weapon and it was listed in the stolen gear. I was with him when it happened, because we both got wiped at the same time. Not sure if it’s supposed to happen or just a random glitch. But it did happen.

As everyone knows, I played a fuck ton of Guild Wars 2. I probably spent 90% of my time in World vs World vs World which is a huge 3 faction pvp war. Nothing was fair in WvWvW, getting steam rolled by 40 people happened all the time.

So the dark zone doesn’t phase me. I go there solo and fuck around. My only issue is the lack of pvp that takes place. Hell, I’ve had to resist pulling the trigger because my party didn’t want to go rogue. Which is a shame.

The sad part is there really isn’t a reason to go rogue unless you want to troll people. They need to reward player kills. Maybe 100 player kills and you get some fancy clothes or special weapons. Right now it’s a weak extension of pve.

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You can lose gold everything in the dark zone. From what I have been told, you drop 3 items when you die, the more items you have the better odds that it will not be a gold, but it can still be dropped. I had a gold pistol, got wiped, my buddy picked it up to keep it from falling into rogue hands. I only had 3 items to evac.

Are you losing gear that is equipped? I thought you’d only lose DZ loot that wasn’t extracted yet. Maybe I misunderstood that.

Only gear that isn’t extracted.

That’s what I thought. Everyone knew that going in, so they shouldn’t get butt hurt when they lose non-extracted gear. I’m not sure what the problem is.

Is everyone looking for a Participation Trophy in games now?

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I’m almost 30 in PvE story mode and I can’t wait to put focus on some DZ action!!! So what if you lose some good shit. There’s alway more to be found and battled for. It’s part of the game. Part of the fun!


I’ve played with a few guys that want to go rogue all the time.

The issue is that most of the guys I play with are low level in the DZ and we get rolled every time.

I’m a level 31 DZ and get rolled every time we decide to go rogue.

Once we get fire teams that are higher levels I would like to go around and stomp some people down.

DZ rank 29 and have yet to see a yellow drop.

Try upping your scavenging skill or percentage (whatever it is).

El G helped me figure that out last night. Should help.

Love DZ. I love the situation and adrenaline rush of running into a group and deciding on that moment of they are friendly or hostile. I am still leveling up. 17 in pve and 21 in DZ. Usually go in solo and join up with randoms but all in all this is the type of pvp I was looking and hoping for in this game. Can’t wait for the dlc