Oculus and Microsft sitting in a tree -- R-I-F-T-I-N-G

Oculus has teamed up with MS in a big way . When the headset is released in the first quarter of 2016 , it will have an Xbox one controller with it . Oculus will also have access to Xbox live through Windows 10 . How big this partnership of these two companies will grow is going to be interesting to see .

Sorry PSN people you have been left out on the future of gaming … Again .

i dunno, as a former xbox 360 frontrunner, i thought the move worked better than kinect.

Not interested.

I’m the loser that gets a headache from that shit.

Bring on the VR and fleshlight attachments.

There is always one who wants to think of porn with new toys !!! LOL !!!

Isn’t porn what drives technology? Think hi speed internet, blu Ray, and 4k…

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i’ll just leave this right here.