Oculus Sweetens Pre-Orders With Free Game

Great game to be including. This is one game that makes me want to get into the VR experience, probably on Playstation. Anybody thinking about buying one of these?

Pre-orders of Oculus Rift will include a copy of EVE Valkyrie, Oculus has announced. The game will premiere first on Oculus.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey said his company is “excited to partner with CCP to bring this experience to Rift owners everywhere.” The bundle will release “Q1” of 2016.

Luckey believes EVE Valkyrie “perfectly captures the promise of immersive gaming,” citing its combat and multi-player dogfights as draws and strengths on the Oculus platform.

Valkyrie is an off-shoot of the massively multi-player EVE Online, which is perhaps one of the most complex MMOs currently on the market. Valkyrie focuses on the space combat aspect of the MMO, distilling the experience down to something arguably more palatable to mainstream audiences.

At first when I read this, I was was starting to wonder about their choice in game. I hadn’t heard of Valkyrie. I was thinking they’re crazy, EVE is not a game you give away with that. It’s not a game anyone should start. As a prior pilot in EVE, I can attest to the amount of mind-numbing information there is, as well as the realistic knowledge that I suck compared to the many people who have been established for years in that game.

However, I Googled the game and came across some of it’s pre-alpha footage. It was pretty nostalgic seeing that giant Avatar pop in and destroy everything. Probably won’t get the VR, but this intrigued my interest in the new EVE: Valkyrie game :slight_smile:

that does look pretty sick. Makes me want to get a throttle and flight stick.

Eve Valkyrie is also coming out on PlayStation vr.