Operation Dark Hours


Division 2’s title update 3 is upon us and the 8-Man raid will now be available to us on May 16th. Calling all GRG to group upand start the fail train.

We have clans setup on all major platforms (PC, XBox, PS4) so if you are not yet in one of them get a hold of an and admin or team leader and we will get you set up.

Division 2 Clan Leads

  • Xbox: Grex
  • PS4: SoInzane
  • PC: Shortbus

Check out the announcement for title update 3 here.

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/operation-dark-hours/

Are we raiding tomorrow?

i will be on the sexbox to give it a go

I’ll give it a go, but without matchmaking it’s going to be cat herding to get enough people in the same group.

I’m hoping to get one in @PlayStationPlayers

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Im up for the challenge got up to 498 thanks to @SourSmokE89 so i “should” be ready


50 people in the clan. We should be able to rustle up 8.

@SourSmokE89 @GreyJedi @DarkNiteRaven @Meep @AubreyPiaza @versetheworld @legion let @TwistedGunsmith and I know if you want to give it a go tomorrow night. I’ll also look to get another Raid going for Friday and Saturday if those days work better or if we have more than 8 on at the same time.


I’m down to run it tomorrow night if we have enough people on.

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I should also be on for most of the night tonight, so if anyone on the ps4 side needs help getting their gear score up I’d be happy to help ya out with that.

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Im good for all 3 amd can help collect th e forces neccesary

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I will be on tonight on the xbox side for anyone looking for a backpack ride.

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I don’t think I’m high enough level yet. I’m only 15 or 16. But I’ll definitely be down if it scales me up like the DZ does.

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Ok cool… I dont think it scales quite like that but no worries we can get you leveled up in no time if you want

Yeah as far as I know it doesn’t scale to the highest level like other activities. It does have a gs requirement of 490 to enter

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I’d be down to give it a go.

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You can count me in for the raid… Xbox

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I’ll need a sherpa or two to drag me to 490. I think I am around 300.

Im ready to shine!


I’d try on PS4 but I’m likely too low on gear to make a difference :confused:

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