Optimizing Elite Controller - BF1

For those with Elite controllers I’m curious as to how you have yours setup for BF1. I’m mostly curious about that back 4 paddles.

When I bought this controller it was to try and keep up with those people hopping all over the place on COD. Since then I’ve just used my COD settings which was only the 2 upper paddles which I used to reload and jump.

Yesterday I changed it up a bit and added the other 2 paddles. I feel like this could be a great set-up because you wouldn’t have to let off the thumb sticks to use your equipment.

Other than that I have the trigger stop on the RT equipped and I recently swapped out the directional pad for this new one. I also use the longer stick for the right side. My other big issue is setting up the right stick. I have TERRIBLE aim and I over aim most times. Trying it set to delay now. Not sure if I prefer that or not.

So…how do you have your elite controller setup? Here’s mine.

I’d like to know if there was any way to adjust the trigger stops to work with shotguns, snipers and anything else that requires a full trigger pull. I’m not sure why they do it that way.

I really don’t use my elite for much other than trigger stops and the saucer D pad (which is really nice). I use the standard length sticks and have never messed with the paddles. I’m too old and too trained on the way the controller is to learn paddles.

I use the default setup for shooters. I only use the paddles for Elite Dangerous and racing games. I will use trigger stops for games that allow it but like Lala said not everything works with them.

I was thinking on getting this controller. I also am terrible at the aiming. I would like to hear how you feel the longer stick is affecting your game play. Is it helping you aim/control ? Or hurting? I really like the idea of not hving to let go of the sticks to use equipment such as the needle. I am not a fan of stoping moving while trying to revive someone however briefly it may be. Also do the sticks have domes on top instead of cups?

It does come with domed sticks but they are regular height. The longer sticks are the same as the regular controller, concave. I’m not sure if there are third party options.

Personally, I think The controller is way too expensive. I would of never of bought one but the kids hooked me up on Father’s day. Now that I have one I’d hate to go back. The trigger stops that you can enable/disable on the fly are so awesome. And the saucer D-pad should be the way all controllers ship.

I kept my same set up from BF4. I’ll try to remember to screenshot the exact numbers for the triggers and thumbsticks.

The back paddles I have the top left and top right as the D Pad up and down. The bottom two I have as left and right D Pad. Makes for quick med pack or ammo pack drops and other gadgets. I may change the top left paddle to something else. Maybe crouch, or maybe Y.

I’m still messing with the right thumbstick length. I’m leaning toward the longer one. My aim isn’t as potato-ey with the longer stick in place.

@Lala_Calamari - I had no idea certain weapons required a full trigger pull. I’ve never had an issue. I never use snipers or shotguns though. However…I believe you get a shotgun with the tank hunter kit…I don’t recall having an issue. I may very well be wrong because I went for the longest time not using the trigger stop because I feared I would not be able to fully accelerate using the land vehicles with wheels. I was wrong. As far as I can tell the vehicles fully accelerate with the lightest touch. Anyhow…if I remember later I’ll try to run a shotgun or a sniper and see how it does or doesn’t work out. I’m curious now.

@DirtyD125 - I’ve used the longer right thumbstick since Black Ops 2. I bought Kontrol Freeks for my stock controller. I also drove screws into triggers for some homemade trigger stops. Way back then I recall it being odd at first…but eventually I could really tell the difference. The longer stick gives you a much wider range than the shorter one. I saw you mentioned playing Forza. The longer stick makes the steering wheel feel twice as sensitive which could be good or bad I guess. I also preferred using the longer stick when I play Madden. I felt like I could juke more easily.
Anyways…I no longer even know if it helps or not. It’s just normal to me now. I’ll try and swap out to the shorter stick later and see how different it feels. I use the stick in the middle which is domed. The longest stick is concave but I’ve never used that one. I’ve been used to the domed stick since that’s how the Kontrol Freeks were. BTW…if you don’t want to dish out $150 for an elite controller…you can buy pair of Kontrol Freeks. They’re great!!! (picture is Elite sticks…not Kontrol Freeks)

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You can hit full acceleration with the trigger stop? I thought you couldn’t so I would switch it off when in a vehicle. Which is very rare.

The sniper and shotguns won’t fire with the trigger stop (at least the shotty from Assault and snipers from scout). I use both and have to disable the stop.

BTW, GTA Online doesn’t like the stops either. You can’t shoot or drive with them enabled.

Which is why the Elite > a Scuf controller. You can switch on the fly.

I have not set up for BF1 yet, but I will use the scout class at some point every time I play and the ability to turn the trigger stops off is invaluable. I have a scuf that I used for COD and loved the ability to use the paddles for all the jumping and thrusting.
With the pace of BF1, the I don’t see a lot of advantage for the paddles. It will mostly be a matter of convenience, like mapping for the D-pad. That being said, I need to try some setting and see if I like them.

So I played around last night in an empty server.As far as I can tell I’m able to everything I need to do in this game with the right trigger stop enabled. I tested the vehicles as well as a sniper.

I think I might know why you’re having issues. You have to tinker with the settings on your controller. You have to setup the right trigger to register a full pull even when it’s slightly touched. I have mine set to 1. If you’ve done this already I’m not sure what the issue could be. Hope this helps!

Learning to use all 4 paddles is miserable! It’s killing my hands! I played maybe 3 games last night and I can still feel it when I make a fist.

I have not done this. Could this setting be game specific? Having a full trigger pull would be brutal for games like Forza Horizons 3.

Yes! I have 1 particular setup for BF1 and 1 default setup currently loaded on my controller. You need to configure the controller on the Xbox itself. If you’ve never done this I think you have to download the app first. I had to when I first got mine.

Download Elite Controller App

Once you’ve done this you can find the app in the games and apps tab. It’ll say Xbox accessories. From there you can configure controller settings for up to 5 games. You can have 2 loaded on the controller at a time. You can switch them around as needed. There’s also community setting which I forgot about. I haven’t checked that out since I first set mine up…but there’s configurations others upload that you can take.

OH Christ, you’re giving me more credit than I deserve. Just ask @anon3687162 about my menu abilities. I’ll get lost.

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I setup my elite with the triggers and whatnot and that’s great. But what has been helping me as of late is the in game settings I messed with after I watched a YouTube video (below). I dropped my solder zoom sensitivity down quite a bit and my soldier stick sensitivity up a tad. I feel like I have much more control and greater aim now when looking down the sights.


Good info thanks

I also raised my stick sensitivity and lowered zoom sensitivity. I feel like it helps a lot. One thing I have noticed is if I raise my stick sensitivity more It affects the zoom as the zoom is a % of the stick sensitivity. Also I lowered the sensitivity for HMG and turrets like in planes. It made it much better using the AA and Mounted machine guns as well as in the bomber or the attack plane.


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There’s sooooooo many settings to be tinkered with! There’s also tons of youtube videos explaining which settings to adjust. But who’s right? I’ve moved so many sliders I imagine if I reset my settings to default I would be lost. I’ve also lowered the sensitivity on most of the turrets. They were way too sensitive! Regardless…I still have terrible aim. I spray and pray. It’s very possible that I have the worst aim here. My accuracy overall is 13%. It’s been on 12 forever but I’ve been using a shotgun a lot this week…so that bumped me up from 12%. Can you beat that? You can check here:

Your overall accuracy is 12% and you think you have the worst. My overall accuracy is .18%. On the up side with the mondragon storm its 31% so I am going to go with that.

Maybe I didn’t say that right. My overall accuracy is 0.13 which is top 93%. I’m guessing no one has a number lower than 0.13.

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