Patch Update 1.05 for Modern Warfare live now

Infinity Ward continues to roll out updates for Call of a Duty: Modern Warfare through launch weekend.

Patch Update 1.05 is now live for the game across all platforms. It’s 2.4GB on PS4, 3.02GB on Xbox One, and around 8GB on PC.

Per the patch notes from Infinity Ward, it is a very minor update in terms of changes – nothing mentioned on Dead Silence or anything despite some players reporting changes.

Here’s what Infinity Ward stated as the patch notes:

  • We’ve done work on the backend to help with stability and prevent crashes across all platforms. If you experience a crash, please let us know
  • Fix for a Special Ops Achievement that was not unlocking after completing all missions
  • 3rd person footsteps are now silent while the Dead Silence Field Upgrade is active
  • Hardpoint: Adjustments to the hill rotations and locations on Arklov Peak, Azhir Cave, Hackney Yard, Rammaza, and St. Petrograd
  • Infinity Ward is also updating the Hardpoint hill rotations in the game. Hardpoint is only in Private Matches right now.

Did they fix the X crashes or not? That’s the biggest problem right now.

I made it through one game in a Party then it froze up again. No issues if I stay out of an xbox live party. Frustrating

hard crashed twice last night. They didnt fix shit.

Only way I can play is on my old xbox or running game chat instead of party chat. Locked up twice last night until we switched to party chat.

Salt and Sniper both crashed tonight. They need to sort this out.

The other issue I have is my XBox sounds like it’s going to take off. Fan is at full speed, even during the lobby screen.