Photo Editing

I always use to use Photoshop Elements. Problem is I have a really old version that is incompatible with my new work computer. I know some of you have used Gimp. I tried downloading it but you have to use a torrent website to do that. Things are getting complicated for me at this point. I don’t understand torrent sites. That and I am not sure my school wants me going to sites like this. Is there a safe place to get Gimp? Is there anything else out there that will work better? Anybody just want to buy me Photoshop?

Did not know that photoshop had gone to a monthly fee. Might have to check on that. The way that I do things, I may not get my monies worth. Thanks for the link.

Any graphic arts people out there? Here is what I am trying to accomplish. There might be a better way.

I want to be able to make maps like this guy does. Or this guy. Love his stuff.

I use @D1G1TALC1PHERS, he’s a special kind of tool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . Otherwise, I use Gimp for photo editing. It does everything I need it to do and it’s completely free.

I’ve used both Gimp and Inkscape at work, they’re all great tools. Also if you absolutely must have Photoshop for free, Adobe released CS2 for free some years ago. I’m looking for the link right now, I’ll edit with more info.

Download link:
You’ll have to sign in with an Adobe account first.

It’s old software, but I have this installed at work (windows 7, 64bit). If i remember correclty I set the exe to run in compatibility with Windows XP, SP3.

H2, have you picked up a new hobby?



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