Pillars of Eternity - Consoles

Pillars of Eternity is coming to consoles on August 29th. This will be a good game for the Diablo fan.

Now, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can get in on the RPG fun when the Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition releases on the consoles August 29.

The game has been adapted for consoles by Paradox Arctic and features an enhanced UI and redesigned controls so the game can be “navigated easily and intuitively” using game controllers. It also contains the expansions The White March: Parts 1 & 2.

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I own this game on PC and it is an old school style CRPG. Lots of text and decisions to be made so while it is a great game don’t view it as a lot of RPGs that most of the community knows. Best comparison is Baldur’s Gate.

PC Baldur’s Gate or Dark Alliance?