Playboy is now dead for me !!!!!

Starting in March of next year , there will be no more nude photos of women in the magazine ( they already removed nudes from the web site ) and Playboy will become a magazine like GQ or Men’s Heath !!! :cry: Ahhhhh , the memories I have when the first time I found my dad’s hidden stash . Damn you internet !!!

No you can truly get it just to read the articles.

Stupid move. Playboy will shut its doors within a year.


89 year old Hugh Hefner can’t get it up no more , even with the help of the little " blue pill " and gets mad about not getting a boner and so pulls nudies , either that or Hef’s daughter made the call .

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They need to make the transition to digital only. Who buys magazines anymore?

R.I.P. all ye Playmates from my spank bank…

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Playboy always has been lame anyways.

He prefers Playgirl .

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except that they have gone from millions of subsribers down to 800K… nobody is going to subscribe for nudes… thats what the internet is for…

They really do need a change and i think its a smart decision as there website has increaded by 300% since they got rid of the nudes… but i still think its going to shut down…

Without nudes, what does Playboy have that Maxim doesn’t, other than a snobbish vibe?


Probably only flush traffic to see the new look

Wouldn’t want to compete with the likes of Maxim and Stuff with the fan base they have. I know they are Playboy but still it’s going to be an uphill battle Like Johnny said they have a more elite-ish vibe than most

its been a few months of traffic… not an awesome pool of date but more than a few weeks.

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I never got into playboy magazine. Still pictures did nothin for me growing up. Still don’t. The internet and strip clubs ruined me. I just don’t like changing traditions after years and years of the same thing.