Playing PS2 Games Through Flash Drive

Hello all! I’ve been without decent internet for a month and a half now so I can’t play anything online until I move again. I found an old PS2 where I’m staying now. I bought a couple Castlevania games as I used to love them, oh the nostalgia! I tried to research online to see if there’s a way to load PS2 ISO files onto a flash drive and found tons of results. Problem is it’s mostly Youtube videos and my internet does not allow me the patience to watch a video unless I’m willing to let it buffer for an hour. (This sucks so bad)

So I thought I’d ask the experts. Have you done this before? Is this something that can be easily done without dismantling the console? If there’s a video with an accurate description on the process I will wait for it to buffer and all that good stuff, I just don’t have the patience to look through multiple videos. Thanks!

BTW…new PS2 games are still selling for $45! WTF!? I bought mine used.

PS. I tried the PS2 emulator route first, It doesn’t seem that my laptop can handle it. :confused:

Nasa, I have not tried it. I don’t own a Ps4. It was easy on systems like the Dreamcast and the first Xbox.

Never done it or tried it.
Watched a few videos through and this one seemed decent as the tutorials went.


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Thanks! Looks like only 6 hours to go to download this 93MB video. :joy:

Guess it has completed by now though?

Yeah…it just finished. lol Kidding…however…you need a special hacked memory card for this soft mod. So no luck.