Playstation Tops Pornhubs console search traffic

Once again the PlayStation has topped the porn sites console traffic stats for 2016. Not only that, it has increased its share by 7%, now having 53% of all traffic from consoles. (Those dirty, dirty minded PS people)

Other notable items:

  • Lara croft is the most searched game charter on PornHub with ~2.5 million searches for the year
  • Tracer comes in a close second with 2.4 million searches
  • Harley Quinn tops the list of movie characters with 10.1 million searches.

Full Story Here *Don’t worry its SFW, no pics :smirk:

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Surprised that Lara Croft still tops searches.
I would say I’m not searching for her (which is true) but then I don’t use my PlayStation for porn anyway.

Interesting how many male characters there are in the Movie character section too.

5% of traffic comes from Nintendo 3DS.

1% from the PS Vita? When I saw that, I was like, “Holy shit! Someone actually owns a Vita!”

@anon42851937 since he owns everything!

Yeah but he hasn’t turned his on.

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