Potential raid party tonight 8pm est

Trying to get a raid party assembled for tonight. If you haven’t done the raid, or maybe haven’t finished the raid post a reply here and I’ll make sure you get an invite @DestinyPlayers

There’s a few of us who know every mechanic of the raid so even if you’ve never tried it out, someone will be there to help you out. The goal is completion, but there’s no pressure to finish.

I am on ps4, but I am down, never did the normal raid. Can’t get anybody to run with

I am in. I may not be able to run past 11:30 though. Definitely can’t pull an all nighter. You will know when I am done when you hear me snoring on the mic.

@DestinyPlayers we smoked that raid. Just over 2.5 hours with a few breaks. Good work. @Sniper_T1 @DJPGoldnation @Elgr8one @zSSL

Beat me to the post haha. Good times.