Pre-ordering games on a console question ???

I noticed ( on the Xbox One anyways ) that when I pre-ordered Black Ops III that the download only took a few minutes and then the download was complete . I never pre-ordered a game on a console before ( always went to Blamestop ) and yes I know that the game has not been certified yet and is far from finished at this time but my question is … Will I have start downloading the game after midnight of the released or will the game be ready to start playing right away after midnight ??? How does Playstation do their pre-orders ?

Both systems require an download/install. Some games have a pre-download that will allow you to play right at midnight, still normally requires a patch. Some games don’t have pre load and you have to do it when it releases. I imagine Black ops will pre-download and just require a patch to play.

The download that started when you bought it probably just put the title images and connected the game to your account.

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yeah the game isnt even close to gold, so what you downloaded is basically a reciept, the rest of the game will install prolly a week or 2 before release.