[PS4] Blackout Beta Night (Black Ops 4) - Thurs 13 Sept

So, the COD Black Ops 4 Blackout Private Beta has arrived and we lucky PS4 types have access before our Xbox brethren.

Therefore we should definitely take this opportunity to play it tonight, before they can.

I know that @anon36214017, @SoInZane, @JohnnyHustler (haha) all plan to.

Any other @PS4players that will be joining us?

It’s max squads of 4, so we might need to split into groups at some point.

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@PlayStationPlayers @codplayers

Make sure to sign up here if interested. Let @unobtainaballs know who to look for!

I really hope there’s team killing…

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You need to show up before you can carry out any such threats.

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I will hunt you down, I will find you, and I will team kill you.

Just a note that v6.0.0 dropped for PSN firmware today, so you might want to run that soon if you intend to join in tonight (or otherwise).


There is also an update for the Beta (v 1.08).
About 1.7GB in size.

You probably already have it if you only downloaded the game today.

Here’s what’s new:

  • There’s a new featured playlist called Close Quarters LTM, which features Shotguns, Pistols, and SMGs only. The playlist is currently active in solos only.
  • Alongside the new featured playlist, Treyarch has unlocked all of the characters listed under ‘Blackout’ to be playable for players. The Zombies characters are still locked as of now.
  • The biggest change? There are killcams to show you who killed you, from where, and how. This marks one of the biggest additions to a Battle Royale mode.

Here’s the official patch notes from Treyarch:

  • Playlist Update:
    • Changed Featured playlist to Close Quarters (Solos only)
  • Character Updates
    • Mason, Menendez, Reznov, and Woods unlocked in Character menu
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Enabled Killcam
    • General stability fixes
    • UI Error fix
  • Tuning Updates:
    • Armor :
      • Level 3 Armor will now break sooner and pass more damage to the player wearing it. It still offers headshot and other damage mitigation. Level 2 Armor was minorly adjusted as well. In a game where time between the first and second shots can be measured in milliseconds, it’s key to our design philosophy to be sure you can feel the difference between similar gameplay Items. More tuning to come here as we gather data from the Beta.
    • Perk Consumables:
      • We’ve changed the time it takes to activate all Perks to 2 seconds. We are currently evaluating if that will be a permanent change, but we are eager to learn how much the use time of a Perk impacts how and when Perks are used.

Glad I checked my PS just now. Due to not having my system updated to firmware 6.0, it didn’t download the BO4 beta when I set it up in queue online this morning.

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Also, why in the hell is this called 6.0 when all it shows in patch notes is improved performance? Seriously? That’s not a major release!

“My playstation is so fucking stable I might get a horse”

Is that from Reddit? I’m seeing a few good ones from Resetera mocking this as well.

Link to the Resetera ones?

Pro Tip from the MLG Team Killer: Wait until they loot the good shit, then shoot them!

Good games tonight with @unobtainaballs @SALT and @anon42851937.

I’m really liking what they put out. The zombies are a nice touch as well and that wing suit is the shit.


Totally forgot that zombies were a a thing in this game.
I ran into a couple in my first game (dropped at lighthouse), and was quite surprised when they burst out the doors at me.

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The beams of light we were talking about… that’s the areas with Zombies.

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