[PS4] Fallout 76 B.E.T.A 10/30/18

Alright @PS4players Do you think you’re S.P.E.C.I.A.L? Have an affinity for pre-packaged goods that have stood the test of time? Do you enjoy prolonged confinement without sunlight? Then Vault-Tec wants you! Join the ranks of Vault 76 and SoInZane and his fellow vault dwellers as we venture into the wasteland and have our first crack at the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A.

The Vault door will open at 7:00PM EST and close at 11:00PM EST - so get your Rad-X and RadAway, pop some chems, grab a laser rifle and hop into your Power Armor and lets run around in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout!

Originally published at: https://grimreapergamers.com/pec-events/ps4-fallout-76-b-e-t-a/

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Just for clarity - this starts tomorrow night (Tue 30 Oct).

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@PlayStationPlayers I will be waiting at the vault door. Feel free to join me and party up!

Just got my code, but I think we won’t be home :frowning:

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Still a few more days after this one… hopefully you can get in on one of those.

Didn’t realize this was a PS4 thread XD

I might get on for an hour, or will have to wait until the next one - as that’s more in my evening.

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For anyone logging on tonight, there is a patch to download.

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reminder for @PlayStationPlayers if you have the B.E.T.A sound off; I know @unobtainaballs and @GreyJedi pre-ordered. I will have a Fallout party going and ready to head into the wastes.

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Think you might be up for some game sharing? I’m interested in watching some beta footage live to see how it all works together

Mmm I think this patch only applies to Xbox.
Just checked and I see no patch.

For my first crack at it I had fun. Managed to get to level 6 so will hope to squad up from here on out and take on some other dwellers. Some of the perks I had to choose from were team oriented so didnt use any of those just yet.

If you’re a fallout fan like me this is definitely worth getting. The survival aspect was in full effect and eating and staying hydrated are def key while trying to keep your rads down.

Got in on a couple public events with randoms as well and was a good way to get ammo and purified water.

All in all I wasnt disappointed one bit.