[PS4][XBox][PC] Reclamation Day - Fallout 76 Launch 11/14/2018

If you have been hiding in the vault you might not have known that reclamation day is upon us! It is time to put on your vault suit and venture into the wasteland and start to rebuild our devastated land. Join me and all of our fellow vault dwellers as we get kicked out of Vault 76 to fend for ourselves in the post apocalyptic world of Fallout!

Lets get to killing ghouls, mutants, irradiated and mutated bugs and animals, raiders and robots… oh and any other survivors who want to press their luck!

Happy Reclamation Day!

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Wooo, I’ll be online shortly, just downloading the patch and taking care of some chores.

Disc edition:
50GB initial download/install
10GB patch (v1.01)

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Had to work early so didn’t have the chance to pick up my copy last night but I’ll grab it on the way home and be online sometime around 8PM EST @PlayStationPlayers

Any Xbox players going to be on tonight.

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Am online now.
I’m torn between obsessively collecting every piece of loot (junk) that I can find versus exploring at a more reasonable pace.

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I’ll try to be on tonight as well, Bethesda name is same as my username.

Ill be online in ps4


I’ll be on Xbox around 5:30 - 6:00 CST ish…

Still debating if I will start a new character or continue the one I played for a couple hours already during BETA.

Copied from another post.

This goes to all members, ADD PEOPLE TO YOUR FRIENDS LIST. Make sure to get their gamer tag, add them and when you see them online and in a party just hop right in. There’s no need to be shy and don’t worry about “barging in”. Just get in there and get some game time with each other.

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