PUBG suing Epic over Fortnite

So it’s finally happening. PUBG is suing Epic over Fortnite.

The lawsuit was filed this past January, according to The Korea Times, although it only became public this weekend. PUBG Corp. is claiming that Fortnite’s popular Battle Royale mode copies PUBG’s interface and in-game items. When Epic launched that Battle Royale mode, in September of 2017, the makers of PUBG took public shots at the developer, saying they were “concerned that Fortnite may be replicating the experience for which PUBG is known.” Now, the people behind PUBG have bolstered those threats with concrete action.

Amazing how they don’t realize that their reasoning actually makes them a target for H1Z1.

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Yeah, I don’t get it. They took the idea from H1Z1, H1Z1 took it from DayZ, DayZ took it from Minecraft and Minecraft watched those shitty Hunger Game movies.

PUBG should spend it’s time focusing on how their game plays. It’s a pile of shit on XBox.


Having played H1Z1 BR on PS4 I’d say that was a hell of a lot closer (in look and feel) to PUBG than Fortnite BR does to either of them.


This makes me laugh.

I remember back when they first mentioned about suing.
I thought they were just trying to swing their balls around to dissuade any others from trying to build a similar game, as Epic did.

I have to imagine this is mostly because Fortnite BR has seen such popularity and (in some respects at least), outshone PUBG - more recently anyway.

And Hunger games watched Battle Royale

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That movie was insane lol

And Battle Royale watched Royal Rumble


This is funny but just shows how shitty gamers are when it comes to complaining. OMG PUBG lawyers are going to be busy suing EPIC. There goes the game getting fixed.


Yeah, I don’t think anyone can honestly think the lawsuit affects development. That’s two separate things. You rarely see a Lawyer code.

The one issue this could cause for development is if they get into either a long legal battle, or start suing every coming BR game in the process. The main reason: I guarantee the money needed to get sue happy won’t come out of management’s, PR’s, or marketing’s budget - money always comes out of development/QA first in a software company.

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And just like that, it’s over. PUBG has withdrawn their lawsuit.

Well, at least the publicity helped them.


PUBG can go fuck itself. They get all but hurt about a F2P game kicking their ass and, at the same time, have the gall to put in some really shitty microtransactions and business practices themselves.

I don’t care for Fortnite because the shooting mechanics are meh to me (I much prefer the semi-realism of PUBG), but the company behind PUBG has made 100s of millions of dollars, yet their game is nearly early access level in terms of polish and optimization. None of the money they have made has gone back into the game.

Whatever you want to say about Fortnite, it is an extremely polished and well-run, FREE, game.


This. While I enjoy Fortnite (I’ve learned to accept and attempt to build) I prefer the “realism” of PUBG. I think most of GRG does as well.

And they did make bank off the game which didn’t cost them much to build. Most of the graphics and textures were just bought and not designed. They really haven’t put much effort to optimizing the game. Sure the PC runs better but PUBG on consoles is barely playable. It reminds me of the old Half Life 1 mods that college students created. I wish PUBG ran half as smooth as Fortnite.

Framerate issues aside, there’s also the bugs. One of the last times I played we lagged out and drove complete through a city, buildings and all. This was a week ago on the new shit map (that has no textures to load).

They really should of poured some money back into the game and make it better. Now they got surpassed by the better running Fortnite. They won’t catch back up to that. Now they have to fend off all the clones that are coming.



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Actually, that’s a solid argument. I agree.


Have started learning Fortnite for those reasons with Pubg. The new mode 50 vs 50 helps to not have to build so much and allows me some time to attempt to learn to build. I keep hoping they will make Pubg play better but then I go to PS4 and play H1Z1 instead when I get kicked out of pubg. That or I just need to get a PC and be done

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@SALT I totally agree with you on the large scale matches. 20 man squads is also very good to learn how to build. Also, switch to builder pro layout it makes a huge difference once you get used to it.

BTW, you don’t have to focus on building forts. You mainly just need a barrier in front of you to deflect shots. Also, focus on just building ramps towards the enemy. Push forward and be aggressive.

Well have to squad up sometime. I’m always looking for a fortnite group. Most of GRG is too old and slow to play.

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