RAGE 2 review (finally)

Ok ok I know it’s a bit later than I planned but here is my review of Rage 2. Be warned this is all my opinion and how I see the game so take that for what’s it’s worth.

Let’s begin with the story. It’s a bit lackluster honestly, now I haven’t beaten the game fully but still it’s definitely no Red Dead Redemption 2 at all but it’s easy to understand and follow without a lot of crazy twists and turns in it. More time is spent on side mission, Ark hunting, and collecting the collectables. Speaking of which let’s get to the collectables, they are a massive pain in the ass to find all the way until you unlock the perks for locating them via a hot and cold style sensor. Even then though it can say you’re right on top of it and still not find it, to which I say you probably need to look up, down, climb or go underneath where you are to find it.

Combat, oh how I enjoy the combat. This is where I feel Rage 2 does really well, it’s fun fast and if you’re able to do it can be hilarious with how you can chain several abilities and guns to launch and destroy your enemies. You’ve got a fair variety of weapons you’ll get to use from shotguns to a magnetic person launcher. Several abilities at your disposal also make things fun and they all have small upgrade trees (weapons do as well…sorta) that help increase your powers power…ya anyways combine all these with the fast paced action and you can actually have a lot of fun.

Now onto exploration which is not to bad. It’s not the biggest map ever but it does have some variations to it and isnt all dirty and pale with no color to it. Actually some parts are very very vibrant like the bright pink boxes you’ll collect and the bright green screens of data pads you’ll also collect. I still wish it had more color but for being an apocalyptic style game it’s done well enough for me. You’ll have a variety of vehicles to choose from all equipped with different abilities to use except for the ranger bike and ranger hover craft thingy. The bike just goes really fast and the hover craft thing is for flying which is way better and faster then the bike if you just want to get from point A to point B. The places you can go and see do vary and some even come with little puzzles to figure out with not as many as I’d expected being the same layout, it seems they tried to at least always add some variation even if it’s small things. But you’ll only notice the small changes with the gas stations and stuff where you just go and kill. Other places have much different layouts and designs making it feel like an actual new place to explore.

I enjoyed this game a lot even with the light story. The combat and many things to do kept me very entertained and killing never got old for me because if something got boring I tried killing in news ways to spice it up. So with my first ever super bad reviewing abilities i give this game a 3.5 overall. It’s fun its gory and is a great game to play when you’ve got no one on to play multiplayer with. I hope this has been helpful and if not well fuck it I got you to read it anyways so suck it haha.

-Souless Grimm