Rescue and Crosshair Game Modes - who's interested?

I’m trying to gauge interest in playing these round based no re-spawn game modes. I like them a lot as they encourage communication and team work. I believe it’s 5 per team. I would love to get a full GRG team to play with. Let me know.


In Rescue, the objective of the Law Enforcement is to rescue two hostages that are being held in two separate locations by the Criminals. Alternatively, the Law Enforcement can also eliminate all of the opposing side’s players. As for the Criminals, their objective is to prevent the Law Enforcement from reaching the hostages by eliminating them. This must all be done in under three minutes or else the Criminals will automatically win the match.

Players from both teams have only one life, meaning that once they die, they cannot respawn and have to spectate the rest of the match.

If one of the hostages is being carried by a Law Enforcement officer and the timer runs out, the round will go into “Sudden Death”, and will not end until the officer is killed, all criminals are eliminated, or the hostage is extracted.


Two teams of five race against a three-minute timer to either extract a player-controlled VIP at one of two designated locations as Law Enforcement or to either eliminate the VIP, or make time run out as Criminals. The gametype features no vehicles, and like Defuse and Rescue, players only have one life per round.

The VIP himself is equipped with a Bald Eagle pistol that can cause heavy damage toward criminals, and has Body Armor to increase survivability. Stealth becomes an invaluable tool in this gamemode, as the death of the VIP means an automatic loss for the Law Enforcement. The VIP can also access Weapon Lockers for his team’s advantage, forcing the Criminals to act aggressively toward the opposing team.

Ill play these modes. I personally like no-respawn modes for the same reason. Hit me up anytime after 7PM EST mon-fri to play.

I attempted to play these modes this weekend and it was a cluster. Team full of Rambos and no one wanted to talk.

I would love to get a team or a full game of GRG guys

I’ll try them out

ran croshair a bit yesterday with Cerv. not bad. but very easy for the vip to get away. all the vip has to do is get to the point.

Didn’t really mention what system. XboxOne for me.

Ran Rescue the other night and enjoyed it. Sort of reminded me of terrorist hunt on RB6.

Cool. We’ll have to run a room one night. I bet it’ll be fun.

I’ll try these too.

I never got around to playing them last night. We had a lot of people join in the conquest game we were in and so it didn’t make sense to split up. Maybe tonight though.

aftyer playing some more crossfire. its pretty lame. Its way too easy for the vip to get away.

I haven’t had much of a chance to form any kind of team to play these. Sounds like hostage mode will be the go to. Perhaps this weekend we can try. Look for me. Shoot me a message if you see me online and we’ll give this a shot. I think it will be fun.