RNG Gods

They finally gave a little and granted me @SoInZane @anon92806648 and some others the Ikelos shotgun finally
Thank you for everyone helping n sticking around to get it!!!



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Pick up group?
Can’t get what done?

When I’m on just hop in the party, join me or send me a message. We’ll get you the Whisper!

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I’m glad the three of us were able to get it on that run. After many hours both Saturday and Sunday night it started dropping like candy for me lol… ended up with 3 of them

although @TheOmbudsman left a little too early or maybe @anon92806648 was our lucky charm :joy:


Nice, I need to go for that shotgun. I finally got around to getting the Sleeper Simulant and infused that up a bit.


I’ve not tried for the Whisper yet.


Ach. Feeling alright post-op? I hear you don’t need a gallbladder but that doesn’t mean your body won’t complain about it being taken away.

The shottie is the only gun I have from EP.
No idea if the other guns are worth grinding for.

Got it through a bunch of randoms, EP definitely seems easier now we are at higher LL.
Don’t have to fuck around trying to get 9 together in patrol.

Yeah yeah. RNG is RNG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe some evening during the week we can try and organize a shotty-farming group again.

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Had mine out last year…best thing ever…I was having some severe pain for years (since 2013)…and it kept getting misdiagnosed…gallbladder gone…pain too, feels like i got my life back

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They’ve made a good change for the grind. If you get to level 7 and beat the boss you can start it back up at level 6 rather than having to go all the way back to level 1… rinse and repeat.

This shotgun will come in handy for some of the Last Wish raid bosses but overall it’s just a damn good shotgun.


Ahhhhh when that happened I was surprised. I thought it didn’t use to work like that, didn’t realise they had actually changed it though.

Yup, if you fail to beat bosses though it will continue to drop you back one level at a time.

You do have a limited time to start it up after beating level 7 otherwise it will reset it back to 1.

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Man the Xbox crew is spoiled some of us have carried a lot of the Xbox guys thru the whisper and some for the catalyst.


Where is my backpack ride?


Say when and I’ll be there as long as it’s not Friday I won’t be home.