SCUF Controllers

Is anyone here using a SCUF controller for the PS3/PS4 or X360/XB1?
A couple of the guys here at work picked them up during the holidays and rave about them.
Just wanted to see if any of you mouth breathing knuckle-draggers had tried them.

I have thought about getting one for awhile now but it took me long enough to get used to Kontrol Freaks much less having to retrain myself on button layout. I would love having me right thumb free just for control though.

Some guys had them for 360. I haven’t seen anyone mention getting one for X1 or PS4.

I’m thinking of sending in a controller to get Scuf’d. One of my XB1 controllers drifts up really bad.

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Do it! Take the plunge.

What’s the price on getting a controller scuffed? Isn’t it at least $100? if not more?

If can backdoor it making the wife think you must have the 2nd controller for the Coop, that is a win-win.

I have tried to look at the cheapest OEM one to send them, to get a second controller. Their prices seem to be on par with other retailers.

Probably won’t happen. It’s going to run around $100 with just a few upgrades (domed sticks, scuf grip, trigger stops). I’m really tempted. Maybe I’ll hint for it for father’s day or some shit.

BTW, would they fix the controller? Or use a different one? The left stick pulls up hard really bad.