Sharing Accounts on a Playstation

I bought a Playstation to get the boys off of my Xbox. I am the main account on the PS and my one son has an account on it and plays all the games on it. If he needs something, he can buy it because my credit card is on there for my account. He is going off to college next year so I bought the younger son a PS for Christmas. Can they share games on both if I buy the games digitally? Or will I have to buy two games of everything? If they can share, how does that work?

I’m not positive but I dont believe playstation does the game sharing like xbox does unfortunately but I could be wrong

You can link one account across two consoles.

Set one console as primary for your account, that one doesn’t need your account to be logged in or the console to be online to access all digital games.
The other console then just needs your account to (always) be logged in to access said content.